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Decorative ceramic fireplaces, stove-fireplaces and stoves of original design, conformed to Your interior.

Stoves and fireplaces decorated with various ceramic glazes (matte glaze or transparent glaze, which adds to highlighting relief of the surface). Ceramic decoration of fireplaces and stoves can be adorned by way of gilding. If you are fond of natural ceramic and its beauty, we can offer you terracotta fireplaces.

Fire chambers
If you wish to feel the warmth of an open fire, you can choose open fire fireplaces with artistic, smith made customized metal guards. In addition, stoves and fireplaces with fireboxes or fire chambers covered with special glass can be offered.

Stove and fireplace design could be of both classic or modern style.

Ceramic decorative parts of stoves and fireplaces can be combined with marble parts or with plaster which can be formed into various decorative designs.

Here we have mentioned only a few of the most common options for stoves and fireplaces.  We always do our utmost to fulfill the wishes of our clients so their dream fireplace or stove would come true. Just as there are no limits to human imagination, so too there are no limits to the possibilities of design and decoration of stoves and fireplaces...